We offer a range of specialized services for shopping solutions:

  • We develop browser toolbars, API, and mobile apps
  • Our development team can lead the project, freeing up your own resources
  • We provide after release support
  • Access to best practice knowledge and recommendations

With more than 10 years’ experience in the sector, our market knowledge is unrivalled. Because we have worked with brands and on projects just like yours, we’re well placed to give value-add recommendations on best practice. This first-hand experience means you also won’t have to instruct or educate us on your business – we already know it inside out.

Our work process is seamless. Simply provide a list of your desired features and our expert team will review, assess and then add to; we’ll provide our own additional recommendations based on our experience. When the deliverables and functionality is agreed, our in-house team will develop your plug-in or add-on, building a cross-browser compatible solution from the ground up, and to your specifications.

We understand that the product launch is not the end of the project.  In order to keep the product live, win audience figures and retain users, on-going development must be maintained. This means reliable, efficient and effective product support and a development team on call are essential. You can use your own in-house team for this task, or, you can call on our developers and free up your resources to focus on other critical business areas. After all, there’s no better team for product support than the team which originally developed the product.

We support solutions. We know business-bases and peculiarities of products and industries. Our cashback platform is actively developed and used in-house. We can apply changes to our platform to your product, giving instant access to the very latest innovations.

We have provided support for a range of products and platforms for many years, so we can add your product and support it with other products at a smaller price than supporting the product alone – ask about our post-production Service Level Agreement to find out more.

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